2005-2015 Kawasaki MULE 610 4×4 / MULE 600 Service Repair Manual Download


This is the most complete Service Repair manual for the 2005-2015 Kawasaki MULE 610 4×4 / MULE 600 Utility Vehicle. This manual contains service, repair procedures, assembling, disassembling, wiring diagrams and everything you need to know.

Models: 2005 KAF400-A1 JK1AFEA1□5B500001 2005 KAF400-B1 JK1AFEB1□5B500001 JK1AF400BBB600001 2005 KAF400-C1 JK1AFEC1□5B500001 2006 KAF400A6 JK1AFEA1□6B507301 2006 KAF400B6 JK1AFEB1□6B502901 JK1AF400BBB600501 2006 KAF400C6 JK1AFEC1□6B501901 2007 KAF400A7 JK1AFEA1□7B516301 JK1AF400AAB600001 2007 KAF400B7 JK1AFEB1□7B505651 JK1AF400BBB600701 2007 KAF400C7 JK1AFEC1□7B504301 2008 KAF400A8 JK1AFEA1□8B537001 JK1AF400AAB600501 2008 KAF400B8 JK1AFEB1□8B512001 JK1AF400BBB601001 2008 KAF400C8 JK1AFEC1□8B509501 2009 KAF400A9 JK1AFEA1□9B542001 JK1AF400AAB601001 2009 KAF400B9 JK1AFEB1□9B518001 JK1AF400BBB603001 2009 KAF400C9 JK1AFEC1□9B511001 2010 KAF400AA JK1AFEA1□AB548501 JK1AF400AAB601601 2010 KAF400BA JK1AFEB1□AB519601 JK1AF400BBB602101 2010 KAF400CA JK1AFEC1□AB512601 2011 KAF400AB JK1AFEA1□BB551001 JK1AF400AAB601901 2011 KAF400BB JK1AFEB1□BB520801 JK1AF400BBB602401 2012 KAF400AC JK1AFEA1□CB557101 JK1AF400AAB602501 2012 KAF400BC JK1AFEB1□CB522401 JK1AF400BBB602801 2013 KAF400AD JK1AFEA1□DB561201 JK1AF400AAB603401 2013 KAF400BD JK1AFEB1□DB524201 JK1AF400BBB603301 2014 KAF400AE JK1AFEA1□EB564401 JK1AF400AAB603801 2014 KAF400BE JK1AFEB1□EB525601 JK1AF400BBB603701 2015 KAF400AF JK1AFEA1□FB568301 JK1AF400AAB604301 2015 KAF400BF JK1AFEB1□FB527201 JK1AF400BBB604101

Service Repair Manual Covers:

General Information Periodic Maintenance Fuel System Engine Top End Converter System Engine Lubrication System Engine Removal/Installation Engine Bottom End Transmission Wheels/Tires Final Drive Brakes Suspension Steering Frame Electrical System Appendix ==================================================

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